SGBIZSERVICES, INC. is a multi-faceted boutique business services and ideation company that offers business consulting services and investment idea generation that helps to save money for businesses and help them grow and get to the next level as well as creating Business Plans for new products/concepts for investors.  SGBIZSERVICES offers business services in the following areas:

  • Idea Generation and creation of ready-made Business Plans.  We generate our own ideas based on trends we are interested in and follow market trends.  We take those ideas and we then turn them into fully detailed Business Plans and sell those plans to investors seeking new and unique forms of investments. The ideas and products are many and varied.  Examples of Plans we have and are currently selling can be found on our Investors Page.

  • We buy and sell Real Estate Tax Liens and Land all over the US and we conduct seminars on how to successfully invest and obtain Tax Lien Certificates from online country auctions across the Country and also buy/sell residential Land plots across the USA.

  • We perform all varieties of Mobile Notary Services.

  • We perform seminars and business consulting on Process Improvement using Six Sigma methodologies and help get small businesses to the next level with our expertise and guidance.

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